Why we give free $5 to every FXKudi card user

2 min readApr 8, 2021

Before we dive into the reason we give free $5 to our card users, let’s talk a bit about the card itself. FXKudi card is primarily a dollar prepaid card designed to give unrestricted access to make global payment in a safe, fast, and secure manner. We made it so that you can have access to own a dollar card without a dollar account with your bank, and you literaly do not need a bank account to get a customized virtual dollar card with your name and all the details you need on it.

Then, what can you use your virtual FXKudi card for?

You know the troubles you encounter when your regular bank cards are rejected on platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PayPal and much more?, sure you can’t forget those annoying experiences. We designed FXkudi card to fill your hearts with exciting experience making payments online without rejection.

As much as we want you to have an exciting experience with your card, we also want you to have control over it.

Our definition of control is;

  • You could freeze and unfreeze your card whenever you feel like
  • Add PIN to your card (Extra Security)
  • Withdraw dollars to Cedis or Naira at zero cost
  • Transfer dollars from your card to another FXKudi card (yours or you friend’s)

So, why then do we give free $5

We designed this card to bring value to you everytime it’s used, but we ask ourselves what more we can do to ensure our users are rewarded for trusting us. We then decided to give $5 as a reward for becoming part of the family, and the money could be spent immediately anywhere online.

This isn’t just for existing users who already have their cards with us, it is also for new users for activating a card, but it does not end there. Whenever you activate a new card, you get $5 free on the card.

A newly activated card could be customized in your name, and you could create card for yourself and your friends.

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