We’re introducing the FXKudi Wallet, what does it mean for you?

3 min readAug 13, 2021


Everyone deserves freedom and access to their monies anytime, anywhere, and the same applies to cross border money transfers across the African continent. This is why we have introduced the FXKudi wallet so that our users always have access to their monies on the go anywhere in the world starting from Africa.

For a couple of months now, we have been working and continuously testing internally to ensure that we bring out the best of what we are building to you, and we are finally ready to share with you.

FXKudi Wallet is a digital bank that is built into our existing FXKudi App, and only a registered user of FXKudi is eligible for a wallet. An activated wallet comes in form of a bank account in your local currency which contains a unique account number, your wallet name, and a virtual card in the same local currency for local and international online payment.

The FXKudi Wallet is designed for Africans living in the diaspora who need to get paid locally or spend money in different currencies such as GHS, CFA, USD, and more. There are no hidden fees, and you no longer need bank accounts in multiple countries. Your wallet also allows you to pay bills (pay for cable TV subscription, buy airtime, buy internet data), and buy from local stores in the country of visit.

Owning a wallet gives you the power to from a near FXKudi agent conveniently. Let’s say you are a Nigerian travelling to Ghana for the first time or you live in Ghana. You receive Naira into your FXKudi wallet and cashout Cedis at any FXKudi agent point instantly from your wallet. The same thing applies to Every other Africa country.

We developed this because we understand that it is difficult and expensive to get a bank account abroad, and it remains a major problem for Africans who live, work, and study outside their home country. So with FXKudi wallet, you have access to local bank details in your home country for free, allowing you to receive money or get paid locally, and conveniently spend anywhere in the world.

The freedom of access to money, banking, and access to instant cross border money transfer comes in handy and without stress with FXKudi wallet. This means that every Africa at home and in the diaspora will own a bank account and a card without restriction, limitation, nor any form of hindrances.

So, this gives you access to borderless money transfer with a tap on your phone button, anytime, anywhere.

Next time you are travelling anywhere in Africa, you do not have to worry about the exchange rate, how to get cash in the country of visit, or your bank declination of fund transfer. Just use FXKudi, the pioneer of Africa’s true borderless money transfer.

See step by step guide on how to create a wallet here

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