The 2.0 experience

4 min readMar 30, 2022

We announced the FXKudi 2.0 a couple of days ago to give you a full update on what is changing. These changes were exciting even to us, and right now we will explain them in bits.

This will be an update to guide you through how to get the best of FXKudi 2.0

The 2.0 Experience

Virtual Dollar Card

You probably already know that your card is not physical, and it is only available in dollars. So when you create a card, you can fund it with Naira or your local currency and get that money converted automatically into dollars.

Create unlimited virtual cards

Creating a card gives you the power to customize virtual cards for specific use. These uses could be for shopping, digital ads payment, purchase of educational courses, or favourite streaming subscriptions.

Initially, you are allowed to create only six cards to accommodate your payment needs, but now it is unlimited. Each card you create costs $2 with zero monthly or yearly maintenance fee, but you get to reactivate your card after three years of expiry. Customize cards for yourself, friends, family, and every other thing you want. To do that;

  1. Login to the app and tap Card
  2. Click Create Card
  3. Add any name you want on the card as seen on the screen above (e.g Sam Adjei)
  4. Complete payment for the card and your card will be activated immediately

After getting your card, each card comes with all the information you need consisting of all 16 digits card max, expiry date, CVV, and billing address assigned to the card. You can add a card PIN on each card, freeze and unfreeze a card, and more.

Money Transfer (To over 20 countries)

No fee money transfer couldn’t have been better if we stuck to the limited number of countries you can send to or receive from. Now you are connected to more countries than ever, and currencies we support include USD, NGN, KES, and more. And still, transfer remains free as always.

We made the exchange rate calculator smarter and better to give you the awareness that you need before and after sending money. You can now save recipient/beneficiary’s information so that you won’t have to add next time you are sending to them. We also added transfer tracker to give you a proper reporting on your transfers, and transfer recei[t now carries FXKudi stamps.

Transfer money to over 20 countries

So how do you complete a transfer?;

  1. Login to the app and tap transfer/bottom middle send icon
  2. Select sender's currency/flag and receiver’s currency/flag then add amount you’re sending into the “You Send” input to see immediate calculation of the amount receiver gets
  3. Add beneficiary information & confirm the details provided
  4. Complete payment process and transfer is sent successfully

After all transfer requirement is completed, you can navigate to “transfers” on the app to see your transfer history and report

Verification & Virtual Wallet

Verification is vital to access all tools and features on the app, an unverified user will not have access to any part of the app. This means that you cannot create cards, make transfers, or have access to the multicurrency wallet.

Get verified

To get verified, you need to provide all required information, then expect to get verified in less than 10 minutes to gain full access to all features and tools. This includes gaining access to the multicurrency wallet instantly.

The verification gives you auto access to the wallet to spend, send, and receive cash immediately in more than two currencies including your local currency, USD, and any other currencies you intend to have.

Refer and Earn

As you use FXKudi for your daily money needs, making things easy as you use for everyday monetary transactions. For the app, we have decided to reward your loyalty as you invite your friends and family.

or each person that joins FXKudi with your referral code, you are paid and you could claim your money instantly.

Send your code to friends and family by tapping on settings and navigating to refer & earn to see your unique code. Start sharing your code and earn as you do so.

Reach out to support

You probably have question(s) to ask, we are always open to receiving any of your questions. The support channel is always open and can be reached through the livechat on our website. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

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