Introducing USSD code for crossborder money transfer

4 min readMar 16, 2021
FXKudi Smart Transfer

Have you thought about sending money to your loved ones across borders without the use of your smartphone or the internet?, well FXkudi is presenting to you the easiest and cheapest means of crossborder money transfer using USSD code, and we call it the smart transfer code.

Let’s bring you up to speed on why we made this happen. We’ve always emphasized on the fact that there are limitations that the conventional way money transfer is done is rather not the best way, and if there is any company promising to serve the banked and unbanked, what it should do is to provide a lasting solution to serve their needs.

In our case, we want to give Mrs Obis, a market woman who does not completely understand how web or mobile application works because to her, it is complicated and she can’t handle it. Mrs Obis wants to send money to her Nigerian supplier to get more goods to sell, and what she does is go through a middleman who many times delays the transfer. How would this vibrant market woman not undergo the stress and have access to doing things herself with her small phone?

Another scenario is the case of Piro an already existing FXKudi user who is an international student in Ghana, and uses the FXKudi app. Piro was sent some Naira into his bank account and wants to transfer to Cedis as usual using the app. He does not have access to the internet and no money to subscribe for internet data. The question is how does Piro successfully complete the transfer not having access to the internet?

What we are doing with the smart transfer code is to lift the stress off Mrs Obis anytime she intends to send money to her Nigerian supplier without delay by dialing *920*180# from are phone anywhere and at any time to allow her to focus on other important business activities.

Piro also wouldn't have to worry about not having access to internet to do an urgent transfer to his mobile money wallet in Ghana. He has to focus on study not worry about little things like money transfer. What Piro has to do is dial *920*180#, that’s it.

Since our intention and goal of making money transfer as easy as texting a friend has been made clear, we needed to give our users more by providing them with the cheapest means of transferring money across Africa.

Hold on, why is having smartphones or access to the internet the only criteria to successfully completing crossborder money transfer across the world?. This is a question that worries us and we believe it should not be a barrier any longer.

No matter where you are, even from inside your toilet 😂, *920*180# smart transfer code cannot fail you. You’re out of internet coverage area or simply ran out of internet data?, we are letting you know that you do not need to worry. Just dial the code *920*180# and follow the prompts to complete your transfer.

Now, let’s answer a few questions you may have.

Who can use the smart transfer code?

The fxkudi smart transfer code is currently accessible to our Ghana and Nigeria users to send money to their loved ones conveniently.

Am I safe using this code?

As much as we want you to easily do all transactions on our app, we also take security seriously. The industry-standard security you get using FXkudi mobile and web applications is what you get using the smart transfer code. We have even improved the security measures we put in place for you to complete all your transactions safely.

Are there any charges for using USSD code?

It is absolutely free, you do not pay for using the code and there are no hidden charges for using the code to transfer money.

What do I do if the network is bad and I can’t complete the transfer?

Sending depends on the current network situation with your service provider just as it is using the internet on your smartphone. So, when you have a delay that does not allow you to complete your transfer (which is very rare), you can try again. You are not paying a dime for trying again.

Note: An uncompleted transfer with the smart transfer code won’t get your account debited.

If I have any issues using the code, what do I do?

We created the technology to ensure that you have a seamless experience using FXKudi. However, if you do have a challenge kindly reach out to the support team on any of our communication channels you’re convenient with.

Do you have further questions? reach us at or on any of our communication channels.




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