FXKudi 2.0 has landed

6 min readMar 24, 2022

Hey! 👋, The FXKudi 2.0 is finally here with a new look, new experience, and new opportunities embedded. This first release of 2.0 goes for users/consumers to better connect you to more global opportunities as we’ve always said. For 2.0, we have added more tools and features for you and we’ll explain what those features are in this post.

What does this mean for you and for us?

A Better Experience

The experience on FXKudi 1.0 is great, comfortable, and interesting but 2.0 experience is even better. First, we gave the User interface a touch to make navigation better, easier and fun. We beautified the most needed tools for you to give a great experience in identifying and easing your daily actions on the FXKudi app. The experience that got better isn’t just the looks, it is more of convenience. The time it takes you to complete a transaction has been reduced to fewer clicks to make things quicker, but let’s dive straight into it.

  • More Corridors😮

Initially, users were able to send money between 6 countries in Africa which seems to be a limitation to truly connecting families and people without borders. So this made us realize that there’s more we could do to connect people across Africa and even to global opportunities through payment.

Now you can send and receive money in over 20 countries where you have family and friends to closely connect to them better. As a freelancer, you can receive money from your clients from all the over 20 countries included in 2.0 and that’s what we mean by connecting you to global opportunities because you can be shut out of the opportunities available globally.

  • Multicurrency Wallet🤩

FXKudi wallet has always been great. After a series of engagement with our users, we came to understand that now is the time to introduce a bigger, better, and more intuitive wallet. This time, the FXKudi wallet isn’t a single currency wallet anymore, it’s in multiple currencies.

As a user, you have access to your local currency on the wallet and other currencies such as USD, GBP, KES, and more. For example, a Nigerian would have access to Naira wallet which carries a real and customized FXKudi account to accept local Naira transactions, and also have the same access to dollar FXKudi account inside the same wallet to receive or send dollar instantly. All these done without moving an inch away from your phone.

It is simple; You used to have access to a single currency wallet, now it’s better and bigger. You now have access to multiple currency wallet.

  • Multiple Payment Option🤗

We understand how important it is for you to complete payment for each transaction faster, this is why we have added two major payment options for easy transaction completion. We made this happen by adding Pay with Card & Pay with Wallet. In 1.0 we had those two options separately depending on whether you are making a transfer with wallet (if you have funds in it), or you just want to send directly from your card.

In this new release, we made it simpler by giving you options before completing payment for transfer or generating a virtual card.

  • Pay with Card: This option still allows you to use your regular bank card from VISA, Mastercard, and so on to complete payment, but quicker this time.
  • Pay with Wallet: This option allows you to choose to get charged from the available funds in your wallet (if you have some money). This is even better because completing payment with your wallet requires no stress and headaches.
  • Virtual Dollar Card 💳

The virtual card has always been one of our most valuable products by you. We absolutely can’t afford to sleep on it, so we had to go to work. We want to help you easily have an unrestricted way to pay globally on your own terms and be safe while at it. We want to make card generation and customization even better as well as make it fun 💃.

Now you can create cards for different purposes, freeze and unfreeze any of your created cards, create for yourself and friends from your account, and more. The possibilities are endless… Learn more about the virtual card here

What Is Coming!?

2.0 isn’t just ending here, we have something exciting coming. 2.0 has come with a solution for businesses to have access to technology and tools that isn’t usually available to them. This solution is built for entrepreneurs and SMEs to thrive and enhance growth and expansion. It connects them to their customers across borders quicker and better, it allows them to focus more on business growth and have access to data to make strategic business decisions.

FXKudi for business is coming to save the day for SMEs and entrepreneurs. We are excited about the upcoming release, and we will keep you in the loop. So, stick around as we will announce the release in due time.


In the past 24 months, we have been talking about providing access to borderless money transfer, power to pay online, and connecting people and Africa to global opportunities. Just as we have been saying, we have helped families of over 15,000 International students have access to payment tools to easily pay tuition fees across three West African countries. These families would have been struggling because they lack access to financial tools that suit their needs, and this may cause students to drop out at some point. We have also helped people save more money using our app and services since we launched, this is why zero fees will remain zero.

Through virtual dollar card issuance, we have been able to give young people freedom of access to learning new skills across the board. This was done intentionally to prepare people, especially the youth for life after Covid throughout curfew across the globe. We have in fact through partnerships with different student leadership bodies deepened financial inclusion in the student community locally, and this is why our “providing access to borderless money transfer” mantra remains a wake-up call for us each time to only build for people.

This will not end here as we will continue to leverage meaningful partnerships that allow us to include you in processes and output.

Your Support

A letter from the CEO to you

“From the day we hit the market with the solutions we have built, from the time you saw value in our proposition, we have never been the same. Your support to us is the biggest thing we have got because you are truly our support system. This is why we can’t build for anything but you, this is why we are encouraged to do more and be more.

We will continue to work with you as we believe that our relationship got us this far. So, let’s collectively connect Africa to global opportunities.

Thank you

Abioye Oyetunji”




Connecting people and Africa to global opportunities through payment