Best way to track your spending habits

2 min readNov 22, 2021

It is really sweet 😋 to have some funds and spend to pay for the things you like, want, and need conveniently. knowing that there will be no hiccups using your card for any form of payment online is another relaxing feeling.

However, adding your card to Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, and other subscription platforms may come with some frustrating minus on your card not because you were wrongfully debited but because you forgot that you added your card to an auto subscription platform, or you forgot the renewal date. For these reasons, tracking the spending on your card could be tiring only because you have just one card for a whole bunch of payment activities.

Now that we understand why tracking spending habits on your virtual dollar card is hectic, let’s talk about how best to make that easy.

As long as FXKud has a tool that gives you a comprehensive report on debits and credits on your card, you may not have to worry. However, if you are the type that makes payment for different purposes online on a daily basis, you probably need to own more than one virtual card.

Creating new cards for different payment purposes is the best way to track spending habits in a smart manner.

So how’s that even a good idea?.

That’s a good question!.

You have a card to pay for Digital Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. So whenever you want to see how much you have spent on Ads at a given timeframe and which platform you spend more on, you definitely would look into your Digital Ads card.

A new card for strictly online shopping, another one for streaming subscription with Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and more…

To now look into your online payment expenses, you then have to open each card to know where and when you spend so much for the month and conveniently execute an expense reduction plan for each of your cards.

Start keeping track of your spending habit online with FXKudi virtual card

Download for Android here, and Download for iOS here.

FXKudi virtual dollar card is accepted in over 150 online merchants across the world including PayPal.

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